Thursday, March 30, 2006

he stores away
the snow-blower:
she's knocking on wood


Blogger eric l houck jr said...

hah! exactly.

5:42 AM  
Blogger eric l houck jr said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5:43 AM  
Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm knocking on the wood, too!

10:04 AM  
Blogger david giacalone said...

I brought my car's snow shovel back inside the house yesterday. But, I've still got my AAA Auto Club Card in my wallet.

p.s. Don't you wish you could find out about those "deleted" comments?

12:42 PM  
Blogger steve said...

very nice, David - I was thinking about getting the hammock out of the garage...

6:36 AM  
Blogger sangeet said...

Very nice!


9:07 AM  

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